The only in-person event that is 100% dedicated to the well-being of entrepreneurs

Turbo-charge Your Growth

The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit is an in-person event designed exclusively for ambitious entrepreneurs who understand that personal growth is the key to business growth. Unlike other conferences, this event will help you develop the grounding, resilience and leadership skills needed to rapidly scale your company.

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What Goes On

Promise Phelon, Managing Partner Growth Warrior Capital

Impactful Talks

Two jam-packed, fluff-free days full of highly sought-after speakers in leadership, consciousness and human transformation. 

Personal Connections

Build authentic connections with entrepreneurs like you who want to make the maximum impact in their businesses while becoming the best possible version of themselves.


Mindset Shifts

Learn to become more authentic and vulnerable in your leadership style to create stronger team connections, a more inspiring culture and better outcomes.

Your Personal Growth

You’ve been an entrepreneur long enough to know that once you solve your current challenge, there’s another one right around the corner. The next product issue. The next unhappy customer. The next impatient investor.

The only thing you can truly control — as your inbox fills up, your calendar is non-stop, your Slack explodes —  is you. 

There is a better way to be an entrepreneur than burning the candle at both ends. 

It’s not about “working harder” or “working smarter.” Or “managing your time better.” 

It’s about how you react to the uncontrollable things happening around you. It’s about changing the way you view the world. 

Because the world won’t change. But you can. 

What We WON'T Be Talking About

What We WILL Be Talking About

What You Can Expect

Hear what Summit attendees have to say about their dramatic personal and professional shifts

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