Highlights from the 2022 Conscious Entrepreneur Summit

“As a founder, I spend so much time and energy operating my company. This is a conference that allows me to focus on operating ME.”

– Erik Mitisek, Highwing

2022 Sessions

“Being a Business Titan is Your Spiritual Path” – Srikumar Rao

“Secrets of Conscious Entrepreneurs” – Kaley Klemp

“Being a Bad-Ass CEO” – David Mandell

Jerry Colonna – fireside chat with Alex Raymond

“Doing Business Differently” – Lopa van der Mersch, Makisha Boothe and Myka McLaughlin

“Intelligent Energy Management: How Emotions Drive Our Behavior & Performance” – Jeff Benton and Brett Weinroth 

“I AM” – Jice Johnson

“Power Up Your Productivity: Using Leading Edge Neuroscience to up your game in work and life” – Abby Havermann

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