In our dynamic business environment, the idea of Conscious Entrepreneurship emerges as an approach to challenge our current norms and ways of thinking. Rooted in deep personal growth and a commitment to societal well-being, Conscious Entrepreneurship is an framework of awakening, where business becomes a platform for positive global impact. This journey is underpinned by four pillars, each a stepping stone towards a harmonious integration of personal values and entrepreneurial vision.


Pillar 1 – The Conscious You: COMMITMENT

The genesis of Conscious Entrepreneurship lies within the entrepreneur themselves. This pillar embodies a heartfelt commitment to self-evolution, challenging long-held assumptions and beliefs. It’s about embracing responsibility, nurturing a growth mindset, and recognizing our interconnection with the greater whole. Influential thinkers like Srikumar Rao and Tami Simon, along with concepts from The Untethered Soul and The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, inspire this journey of inner awakening.


  • Embracing awareness and empathy.
  • Cultivating a holistic approach encompassing mind, body, and spirit.
  • Living purposefully and value-led.


Pillar 2 – Becoming a Conscious Leader: MANIFEST

With a renewed self, the entrepreneur now steps into the realm of conscious leadership. This pillar is about manifesting inner transformations into tangible actions and relationships. Influenced by the insights of Gay Hendricks, it’s a transition from a survival mindset to a creative and abundant worldview. It’s about being a beacon of change, embodying authenticity, and fearlessly pursuing your Zone of Genius.


  • Embracing vulnerability and authenticity.
  • Viewing business as an extension of self-expression.
  • Cultivating courage and creative manifestation.


Pillar 3 – Building a Conscious Company: IMPLEMENT

A conscious leader then breathes life into their vision by transforming their business practices. This pillar is about integrating conscious principles into the very fabric of the organization. Drawing inspiration from Liz Fosslien, Keith Ferrazzi, and concepts like Conscious Capitalism and Holocracy, it’s about fostering an environment where openness, authenticity, and a sense of purpose thrive.


  • Cultivating a culture that prioritizes well-being and balance.
  • Embracing the six-stakeholder model, expanding beyond traditional shareholder value.
  • Implementing business practices that are both sustainable and impactful.


Pillar 4 – Creating a Conscious World: INSPIRE

The final pillar is the magnification of the conscious entrepreneur’s impact on the world. It’s about setting in motion a domino effect of positive change, transcending the boundaries of the business to influence society and the environment. This stage is about demonstrating that profit and purpose can coexist, leading to a world that is more equitable and sustainable.


  • Catalyzing societal and environmental healing.
  • Inspiring a ripple effect of conscious practices.
  • Evolving business models to address global challenges.


The Journey of the Conscious Entrepreneur

Embarking on the path of Conscious Entrepreneurship is not just about building a business; it’s about igniting a personal revolution that resonates outward, transforming every facet of our lives and the world at large.

The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit and Podcast serve as crucibles for this transformative journey. They equip entrepreneurs with the tools to embark on this path of self-awareness and conscious leadership, fundamentally shifting how they perceive and interact with the world of business. It’s a shift from the old guard of traditional business thinking, to a new paradigm where business is an extension of one’s higher self, a conduit for positive change.

In this era of Conscious Entrepreneurship, we are not just business owners; we are visionaries, healers, and trailblazers, redefining the very essence of success and leadership.

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