Highlights from the 2023 Conscious Entrepreneur Summit

“My experience at The Conscious Entrepreneur Summit has been outstanding. It has far exceeded my highest expectations – and those expectations were already really high!”

– David Secunda, Avid4 Adventure

2023 Sessions

“From Never Eat Alone to Leading Without Authority. A Journey of Awakening” – Keith Ferrazzi 

“How to Become an Emotionally Fluent Leader” – Liz Fosslien

“From the Streets to Venture-Backed to VC” – Clarence Bethea & John Hill

“Creating a Conscious Company” Sue Heilbronner & Vlada Bortnik

Linda Kim and Yong Kim “The Founder Journey – a Husband & Wife’s Perspective”

Srikumar Rao interviewed by Alex Raymond

“Moving Beyond the Rage” – Godard Abel & Keith Gruen

“Building Resilience in Modern Times” – James Oliver, Lizelle van Vuuren & Kiley Baker.

“The Consciousness of Money” – Lopa van der Mersch & Anna Gudmundson

“Personal Stories of Burnout” – Kayla Maran Lee & Iffie Jennings

“Foundations of Conscious Entrepreneurship” – Alex Raymond

“The New VC Mandate: Bringing a Human-centric Focus to a Human Capital Business” –  Matt McCall, Lisa Mikkelsen & Tim Chang

“Optimizing Career Strategies for Entrepreneurs” – Lisa Reeves & Alex Raymond 

“Modern Enlightenment: How to Awaken, Heal, and Manifest” – Austin Mao

Closing Remarks – Wendy Lea

Speaker video credits: Jen Morrison

Testimonial video credit: Michael Bruner

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