Guy Rubin: Navigating Transformations From Pivots to Success

“Be cautious about taking the leap (into entrepreneurship) because it’s very difficult to undo,” says Guy Rubin, founder & CEO of Ebsta, a pioneering company in the CRM and sales tech space. In this episode of The Conscious Entrepreneur podcast, Guy shares refreshing advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: take your time. He emphasizes that many young founders are drawn to overnight success stories or feel the need to build rapidly. Instead, Guy advises finding your steepest learning curve, acting as an apprentice, and staying the least knowledgeable person in the room for as long as possible. Even when you think you’re ready to start a business, he suggests waiting a bit longer. The learning and planning phase is crucial because once you start, especially with external investments, it’s much harder to reverse course.

For those who have already founded their businesses, Guy talks about the importance of seeking mentors and building a strong network. He believes that your team should see you as a confident leader while also feeling they can teach you something. Guy shares his experience guiding Ebsta through multiple pivots and transformations since 2012.

Despite the challenges of entrepreneurship, Guy asserts that it’s still better than being someone’s employee or, worse, a wage slave. Tune in to today’s discussion to learn how to set yourself up for success.


  • “Doing your apprenticeship years and keeping that learning curve as steep as you can, especially in your 20s, I think it sets you up really well to then go into be an entrepreneur and setting up your own business, perhaps in your 30s.” (4:33 | Guy Rubin) 
  • “I don’t think you are running your own business if you’re on your own. I think you need at least a business partner, or a group of individuals who can really help you. Because suddenly you become a lot more than the sum of the parts.” (9:32 | Guy Rubin)
  • “I would encourage people to think about trying to be single purpose vehicles. Focus achieves greatness, and as soon as that focus is gone, it’s very, very easy to be distracted, and it’s very easy to not achieve. So, having that discipline to back a horse and then get 110% behind it is so important.” (34:15 | Guy Rubin)
  • “It doesn’t matter how unsure you are, you need to show yourself as a strong, focused, driven leader. And leaders give definitive answers.” (35:43 | Guy Rubin)


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