Matthew Bellows: Advice For Early Stage Founders

“Getting better at business and growing as a person are very dovetailed together. They’ve been very mutually beneficial.” Entrepreneur Matthew Bellows’ career is proof that professional and personal success work in tandem. Recognizing time as a person’s most precious commodity, he was drawn to entrepreneurship as a means of gaining asymmetric returns on that time. […]

Finnian Kelly: How to Feel Extraordinary All the Time

Most people, explains today’s guest Finnian Kelly, pursue outcomes—like success in business or making a certain amount of money—in hopes of creating a resulting feeling. In fact, Finnian, a former wealth manager and now a leading intentionality coach, explains that through breathwork and by tapping into the Universal Intelligence to whom we all have access, […]

Tami Simon: Spiritual Wisdom in Entrepreneurship

“Disseminate spiritual wisdom.” This is a message Tami Simon heard loud and clear when she was just 21 and unsure of what she wanted to do and how she wanted to invest the sum of money she had inherited from her father. It remains her life’s purpose and the driving mission at the heart of […]

Neha Sangwan: The Burnout Breakthrough

“Going whichever way the wind blows, depending on what other people want, that’s driftwood in the ocean,” explains Dr. Neha Sangwan, CEO and Founder of Intuitive Intelligence Inc. and author of “Powered By Me.” “When I know who I am and make decisions based on my highest values, I become a sailboat with a rudder, […]

Chip Conley: Ripples of Impact

“We know the anti-aging message, which is a lot of things get worse with age, and I really wanted to focus on what gets better with age and why,” says Chip Conley founder of the Modern Elder Academy and author of several books about the benefits of aging including “Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons […]

Eleanor Allen: Purpose-Driven Capitalism

Eleanor Allen joins The Conscious Entrepreneur podcast to discuss the power of business to act as a force for good. It’s a culture, she says, that is formed from the top. Following her passion for environmentalism and entrepreneurship, she worked as CEO of clean water charity Water for People and while there, she attended an […]

Rob Dube: The Key to Unlocking True Entrepreneurial Freedom

“Entrepreneurs are in a very small category in this world, and as such, it might seem like you’re kind of nutty sometimes in your own head and that people don’t get you except for your peers.” Join us on The Conscious Entrepreneur as Rob Dube, co-founder of The 10 Disciplines, delves into the key insights […]

Dom Farnan: Less Corporate, More Conscious

“I really had to face off with myself,” says Dom Farnan, founder of DotConnect, about the courage, humility and work it took to admit that since 2019, when she transitioned from a solopreneur to leading a team of nearly 100 people, she had been acting as a toxic boss. She was controlling, deep in her […]

Bart Foster: A Modern Trail Guide to Leading a More Intentional Life

“It’s not just outside in nature, it’s out of your comfort zone and outside of corporate norms, and doing things a little bit differently.” Shortly after moving to Boulder, CO, Bart Foster, founder and CEO of BusinessOutside, took a meeting with a fellow entrepreneur. Instead of meeting for lunch or coffee, they went for a […]

Tracy Lawrence: Transcending The Entrepreneurial Journey

“The real source of why I’m starting this company is actually deep love–deep love for myself, deep love and a desire for connection for anybody that struggles with loneliness,” said Tracy Lawrence of founding her company Chewse. The company, which provides group format catering for offices, was founded as a response to the social isolation […]