James Colquhoun: Elevating Human Consciousness

“If you can create a ‘win-a-thon,’ where everyone wins, then ultimately it’s good for business,” says James Colquhoun, the filmmaker behind such films as “Food Matters” and “Hungry for Change” which were groundbreaking explorations of the Big Food industry and its exploitation of our habits. “Food Matters” was born out of a mission to heal his ailing father through the power of nutrition, and resulted in his connecting with the needs and interests of a larger audience. On today’s episode of The Conscious Entrepreneur, James talks about the importance of finding your personal mission and how to align with it in your business, and how entrepreneurs can serve the dual gods of service and profit. 

He discusses merging his successful streaming service with media company Gaia Inc., where he now acts as CEO, a transition that was made harmonious because both parties had a shared vision. He offers the five points of a successful workplace culture, the importance of emotional intelligence and resilience, especially in our modern world, and why companies are less like a family and more like a sports team.

And what is the one thing all the most successful sports teams have in common? The answer might surprise you, but it demonstrates the importance of alignment, serving others and working from love.


  • “I feel like a huge wave of consciousness around eating clean, looking after your body, this ‘wellness revolution,’ That was a huge trend and we just happened to be at the very beginning of it because we listened to an issue that was pertinent in our personal lives which became a macro issue that people connected with.” (8:14 | James Colquhoun)
  • “I like to categorize life in three ways: you sleep—and let’s all hope you do that well—you have waking hours with yourself, family, loved ones, play, outdoors, whatever, and then you have mission. I don’t really call it work, I only ever call it mission. You want to align those as much as you can to your core purpose.” (24:09 | James Colquhoun) 
  • “In business, I have this philosophy that if you can create what I call a ‘win-a-thon,’ where everyone wins, then ultimately it’s good for business. So, if I think about the consumer, if I think about the filmmaker, if I think about the shareholders, the environment, if you can create a win at every level, they’re the unique areas of focus that I love to invest more in or focus more of my time on.” (28:49 | James Colquhoun) 
  • “We’ve become less emotionally resilient and less emotionally intelligent and I think when you’re working with teams you want people to be emotionally intelligent. People that can handle feedback, that can have an ego hit, that can take something and say, ‘OK. Wash it off. Next. Go.’” (35:49 | James Colquhun)


Connect with James Colquhoun:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-colquhoun-/

Website: https://www.gaia.com/

Website: https://www.foodmatters.com/

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Website: https://consciousentrepreneur.us/

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