Foundations of Conscious Entrepreneurship

I’m thrilled to share some reflections on the Conscious Entrepreneur Summit that took place on June 7 & 8, 2023, in Boulder, Colorado. The summit was a transformative experience, and I’m grateful to everyone who participated. The Mind of an Entrepreneur The summit kicked off with a deep dive into the psychology of entrepreneurs. I […]

How to Become an Emotionally Fluent Leader with Liz Fosslien One of the standout presentations of the 2023 Conscious Entrepreneur Summit was by Liz Fosslien, an illustrator and expert on the topic of emotions at work. Her talk, titled “How to Become an Emotionally Fluent Leader,” was both highly personal and incredibly relevant to us entrepreneurs. Here are my key takeaways from her session. […]

From the Streets to Venture-Backed to VC – Clarence Bethea Today, I want to share some insights from a truly inspiring conversation that took place at our 2023 Summit in Boulder. Clarence Bethea, co-founder and former CEO of Upsie, (and currently an investor at True Ventures) was interviewed on stage by John Hill, Evangelist at Techstars. The Unconventional Path to Entrepreneurship Clarence’s journey to […]

Creating a Conscious Company – Sue Heilbronner & Vlada Bortnik

On Day 1 of the 2023 Conscious Entrepreneur Summit, we had the pleasure of hosting two incredible entrepreneurs, Sue Heilbronner, a Conscious Leadership coach, and Vlada Bortnik, co-founder and CEO of Marco Polo. The conversation was a deep dive into the emotional aspects of being an entrepreneur and managing a company culture. Here’s a recap […]

Why Conscious Entrepreneurship is a Shared Journey Introduction I had the privilege of witnessing a truly unique and enlightening talk at our 2023 event in Boulder, Colorado. Yong Kim, the co-founder and CEO of Wonolo, and his wife Linda Kim, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, shared their journey as a couple navigating the entrepreneurial landscape. This wasn’t just another talk about business strategies […]