What to Expect from the In-Person Zone of Genius Workshop with Gay Hendricks

I had the amazing privilege to chat with Gay Hendricks on the The Conscious Entrepreneur podcast a few days ago. The full episode will be released on Oct 16!

In the meantime, I asked Gay what people can expect from the Zone of Genius workshop in Boulder on November 8. Here’s what he said:


“What people can expect is a deep immersion, a deep inquiry into your genius, into everybody that’s there. I’ll share some of my own stories, but what it’s about really is you uncovering your genius more and clearing out more space for you to occupy your genius. So it’s an easeful excursion through your upper limit problems.

down to that place I’m talking about of pure consciousness, from where you can really manifest tremendous things in your life, because you’re not manifesting them through the filter of your own limitations. You’re just purely broadcasting to the universe what you most want and need. And once you learn how to do that, you have a skill for life. And a half-day immersion in that is really a great thing.

I’ve seen so many people come out of that with aiming for miracles and doing things that they never imagined doing before. So there’ll be lots of breakthroughs and you’ll be lots of lots of laughs too because I’ve got a funny story for every concept I tell and so I’ll be sharing lots of those.”


Check out the full details of the event and get your tickets to the Zone of Genius workshop here. 

I can’t wait for the opportunity to connect with you all again.


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