Keith Roberts: Goal-Setting for Entrepreneurial Success

“I like to think of life as a trilogy,” says keynote speaker and entrepreneur Keith Roberts. Along with mentor Ryan Avery, Keith set a Guinness World Record for the longest public speaking marathon by a team of two, promoting their co-authored historical novel, “The Eternal Flame: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s Modern Leader.”

Keith joins The Conscious Entrepreneur podcast to share insights from his 30-year practice in Buddhism, founding and selling his company Zenman, and participating in the global nonprofit Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and MIT’s Entrepreneur Masters Program. He discusses the power of gratitude in creating your ideal life, building effective habits, and the importance of writing down your goals to achieve them faster.

Keith co-created the OAK journal, a 90-day journaling framework with prompts, visualization techniques, and mantras to help keep you on track. He shares his experience of letting go of his first company and the dangers of linking your identity to your business. Learn about the “sunk equity fallacy” and why practicing gratitude is more than just compiling a checklist.

Join Keith and host Alex Raymond as they discuss thought leaders like Joe Dispenza and Ryan Holiday, and explore what’s next in Keith’s journey.


  • “I had this epiphany that I was trading my time for money and it was a really bad deal.” (11:55 | Keith Roberts)
  • “Writing things down, doubles the probability of accomplishing them.” (12:29 | Keith Roberts)
  • “Aligning the frequency in what you’re putting out in the world—what vibrations, what you’re attracting, what you’re manifesting, that abundance vs scarcity mindset—you’re doing that every single day by your gratitude and then journaling positive thoughts. Like you mentioned, every day has a prompt, and it’s not ‘What’s frustrating you today?’ Every single one of them is intentionally positive to help you have that right mindset and vibrating at the frequency that’s going to attract your best life.” (15:41 | Keith Roberts) 
  • “If you repeat something you’re grateful for, you’re getting diminishing returns. The more specific you can be with your gratitude, the better the ROI is going to get as far as the neurotransmitters.” (17:39 | Keith Roberts)
  • “I’d built it to the point where it became my identity, and when I was trying to come up with my personal ‘why?’ I kept framing it through the lens of this agency that had become my identity. And my ‘why’ is not selling more Frontier Airlines tickets or houses for RE/MAX or Bijou—which is this Chinese moonshine, the biggest-selling liquor in the world, we did a site for them so—it didn’t have anything to with what I had built and I had to get over this concept of ‘sunk equity.’”(35:10 | Keith Roberts)


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