Dom Farnan: Less Corporate, More Conscious

“I really had to face off with myself,” says Dom Farnan, founder of DotConnect, about the courage, humility and work it took to admit that since 2019, when she transitioned from a solopreneur to leading a team of nearly 100 people, she had been acting as a toxic boss. She was controlling, deep in her ego, and helped foster a culture of drama and gossip. In 2020, however, after hiring a coach, attending the MasterMind personal growth summit, and reading books such as “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership,” she began to create a conscious culture with her team, a “Dot 2.0,” as she calls it. And she chronicled the whole journey in a book entitled “Now Here: A Journey from Toxic Boss to Conscious Connector.”

On this episode of The Conscious Entrepreneur, Dom explains how she dealt with the skepticism and eye rolling she received from certain team members when she explained the new direction in which she’d be taking the company. She discusses which of the 15 commitments she uses most often in her daily practice, the therapeutic modalities she incorporates into meetings and the deep digging she did to find the source of her toxicity. 

As Alex notes, of all the resources available to entrepreneurs, bosses, and CEOs, there are few that deal with the inner feelings involved with those positions. Dom describes the burnout that led her to create a team in the first place as well as her struggles with imposter syndrome and how she leaned on fellow women entrepreneurs when male counterparts rattled her confidence. Led by DotConnect’s Vivid Vision mission statement, Dom and her team are continuing to co-create a more conscious working environment. 


  • “I was really scared. I thought my clients wouldn’t want to still work with people who were not me. I was really big in my ego, ‘Oh, they’ll only work with me.’ Well, it turns out that they would work with my team, whoever I endorsed to bring in.” (5:20 | Dom Farnan)
  • “I didn’t know that I was toxic, I wouldn’t have called myself that. That wasn’t a term that was even on my radar. But how that showed up in my company was there was drama, there was gossip, there was probably a sense of insecurity from the team. I was super emotionally reactive. I was a perfectionist and so if things didn’t go exactly perfect, my way, I would lose my mind over the small details and very much controlling of everything.”  (9:54 | Dom Farnan) 
  • “I just really had to unlearn everything that I thought I knew, so it’s been an unbecoming-who-I-thought-I-was process, and now a kind of putting-myself-back-together process.” (10:58 | Dom Farnan) 
  • “I put that out into the world and I shared it with the team, and some people were excited and some people left. They just weren’t aligned and didn’t want to support the vision, which was totally acceptable. That’s exactly, actually, what I wanted to happen. I wanted it to weed out anybody who wasn’t game for it.” (22:02 | Dom Farnan)


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