Kendra Prospero: Thriving in the New World of Work

“There’s a people revolution,” says Kendra Prospero, founder and CEO of Turning the Corner, in this insightful episode of The Conscious Entrepreneur podcast hosted by Alex Raymond. Kendra delves into the evolving dynamics between employees and employers, emphasizing the growing demand for workplaces that genuinely respect and value their staff.

Kendra discusses how leaders must adapt to this shift, creating environments where employees don’t just show up for work but feel truly supported and appreciated. She shares strategies for developing an outstanding company culture, focusing on the importance of leaders addressing their own “head trash” to become more effective and empathetic.

Regular pulse surveys and stay interviews are highlighted as key tools for measuring employee satisfaction and addressing concerns proactively. Kendra advocates for these practices as vital to maintaining a positive and responsive work culture.

Flexibility stands out as a cornerstone of Turning the Corner’s culture. Kendra talks about implementing flexible schedules, benefits, and compensation to meet the varied needs of their team, underlining the importance of adaptability in fostering a thriving workplace.

A particularly challenging aspect of leadership, the decision to fire employees, is also addressed. Kendra emphasizes the importance of aligning these tough decisions with company values and maintaining authentic leadership throughout the process.

This episode offers valuable insights into the “people revolution” in the modern workplace and practical strategies for entrepreneurs looking to build a culture that aligns with the needs and goals of today’s workforce. Kendra Prospero’s expertise provides a roadmap for nurturing a company environment that respects, supports, and grows with its people.


  • “We can no longer just have this command and control, I’m paying you, so do what I say, kind of environment. People are not going to stay in those types of companies.” (5:25 | Kendra Propsero)
  • “When you’re an entrepreneur, you are always, always, always, always, always on a roller coaster. It will be up and it will be down and it will be up and it will be down. You’re never going to get off of it unless you go get a regular job. Like you will always be on this roller coaster. And the minute I just accepted that, I felt peace because it’s like, okay, some days are going to be great and some days are just going to be awful. All right.” (15:41 | Kendra Propsero)
  • “There will always be some spoilage. You will always have some customers who are unhappy. You will always have some staff that leaves you and you didn’t want them to go. That’s just inevitable. And it’s so much easier to just embrace it. Now, you don’t want a lot of it, obviously. You wouldn’t survive if there’s a lot. But there’s always going to be a little bit.” (16:08 | Kendra Propsero)
  • “My top three priorities are my family, my business and my health. And if you look at my calendar, that’s where my time goes. So I spend time with my kids and my family. I work on the business and then I work out every day. I get good sleep. I eat well.” (1:38 | Kendra Propsero)


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