Rob Dube: The Key to Unlocking True Entrepreneurial Freedom

“Entrepreneurs are in a very small category in this world, and as such, it might seem like you’re kind of nutty sometimes in your own head and that people don’t get you except for your peers.”

Join us on The Conscious Entrepreneur as Rob Dube, co-founder of The 10 Disciplines, delves into the key insights of his latest book, “Shine: How Looking Inward is the Key to Unlocking True Entrepreneurial Freedom,” co-authored with Gino Wickman. This episode explores how entrepreneurs can achieve genuine freedom by embracing self-discovery and creating the life they’ve always wanted.

Rob emphasizes that entrepreneurs are unique, driven individuals who possess the power to change the world with their ideas and resilience. Yet, this drive often has its roots in past traumas, leading to challenges such as difficulty relaxing, delegating, and connecting with non-entrepreneurs. Despite these obstacles, Rob argues that the solution isn’t to suppress this drive but to channel it more effectively through self-awareness. 

“Shine” encourages entrepreneurs to reflect on their motivations, whether they stem from love or ego, and offers a framework for using this awareness to make better decisions and align closer with their true desires. Rob assures listeners that true success and peace come from authenticity and self-understanding, leading to a life where one can operate at their highest potential.

Tune in to discover how to navigate the journey of self-discovery, redefine success, and unlock your true potential as an entrepreneur.


  • “Isn’t it funny, but not funny, how things just come together in life when you allow yourself to let go and follow what’s on the inside.” (4:31 | Rob Dube)
  • “When we say ‘maximize your energy,’ we’re talking about vibrating high, every single day.” (28:02 | Rob Dube)
  • “The resilience–when you keep getting knocked down over and over again–the resilience we have is unbelievable. Except for a momentary blip where we doubt ourselves, but then we just get right back up. It’s a super power.”  (30: 21 | Rob Dube)
  • “For me, I had these traumatic experiences, as I mentioned at the outset. So, what did I want to do? I wanted to control my life. How can I control my life in business? If I go get a job, I can’t control that. So, I decided being an entrepreneur was the way I was going to control things, even though I later found out I can’t control anything. But you think you can because you’re self-employed. I’m going to make my own way.” (32:32 | Rob Dube)
  • “Your true self is the real you. It’s the most authentic version of who you are. It’s unshaped by societal expectations, professional roles or social masks. It’s the core identity that remains constant beneath the various hats that you wear in different areas of your life and it’s typically buried behind your ego, your personality and the suit of armor that you’ve developed over your lifetime, often due to some kind of pain, trauma, conditioning, imprints, things of that nature.” (40:56 | Rob Dube ) 
  • “One of the things that entrepreneurs fear is that driven nature that they have and that in some way they think that if they let go of that edge, for peace, they won’t be as they hoped. And what we’re saying is, you’re not going to have to let go of the driven nature, you’re actually going to use it better.”  (47:26 | Rob Dube) 


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