Sam Jacobs: Imperfectly Entrepreneurial: Real and Raw Stories of Success

“It’s about helping individuals, through the power of community, unlock and achieve the greatness within themselves,” says Sam Jacobs, of Pavilion, a community and platform for people who are trying to accelerate and improve their sales career and their performance in sales. On today’s episode of The Conscious Entrepreneur, Sam talks to host Alex Raymond about what happens when a group of likeminded people—and a concrete set of curricula—align and operate to make the world better. In a world that believes in growth at any cost, Pavilion believes—and teaches its business owners—that growth comes from aligning the sales marketing customer success and money is inextricable from delivering value. 

Pavilion has recently, after a rocky period, rediscovered its center. In a continued effort to be genuine and vulnerable, Sam admits to having made some professional and personal mistakes recently that may have been the downfall of a lesser group. But, as Sam explains, challenges, which we all face, are just opportunities to learn the big ongoing lessons of life. 

Throughout today’s conversation, Sam reveals the difficulties of living a public life, the message at the heart of his book “Kind People Finish First” and his five criteria for having an objectively good day. 


  • “Community was the thing that I discovered, or stumbled upon, that was one of the solutions to how I was encountering challenges and obstacles in my day to day work and I needed some way of stress-testing the solutions. I needed some way of avoiding common errors and common pitfalls. And that’s where community rose up.” (4:36 | Sam Jacobs)
  • “When we’ve been our strongest, when we’ve been the brightest beacon, it’s because we’re confident—or I am confident, or the company or whatever—the company has a point of view, the company has a language, the company has a vocabulary. And when we’ve lost our way, which has happened over the last couple of years, it’s when we’ve been led by financial motivations or talking about the world in terms of features and product sets, not in terms of common values and common vision.” (8:34 | Sam Jacobs) 
  • “That’s why I say, ‘back in the crucible,’ because it’s been a journey to get back to the point where, ‘Don’t worry about what it’s worth, don’t worry about anything but making sure you’re alive, that you’re profitable so that you can be alive, so that you keep helping people and keep fixing things and keep making the foundation better so that you can continue to be of service.” (26:10 | Sam Jacobs)
  • “The lesson that I’ve learned over the last couple of months is, everything that’s happening is perfect, it’s not just OK. And that this is an opportunity. Every test, every challenge is an opportunity to rise to the occasion.” (27:38 | Sam Jacobs) 
  • “You don’t know how somebody hears something, or when they need to hear it, or from whom they need to hear it. Even when you think, ‘God, who am I to say these things?’ Well, you’re somebody that might touch somebody and you might impact somebody in a positive way.” (31:09 | Sam Jacobs)


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