Srikumar Rao: Becoming a Business Titan is Your Spiritual Path

Is your definition of success conventional?  This episode of The Conscious Entrepreneur podcast features host Alex Raymond in conversation with Dr. Srikumar Rao, celebrated author, speaker, and coach. Dr. Rao’s shares what some may consider an unconventional definition of success. He encourages entrepreneurs to seek joy and fulfillment in their work, steering away from the pursuit of material gains and societal recognition. 

He guides clients to recognize their true nature as pure awareness, transcending ego-based goals. His focus is on personal development through business, cultivating gratitude and well-being.

A key theme of the episode is the idea of a benevolent universe. Dr. Rao suggests entrepreneurs embrace life’s uncertainties, letting go of the need for control. This acceptance can lead to reduced stress and a more peaceful approach to the inevitable challenges of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Rao also offers strategies for reframing stress and adversity. He encourages viewing events without immediate judgment, opening the door to resilience and optimism. His perspective is supported by references to spiritual teachings and figures, enriching the conversation with profound insights.

This episode provides practical advice and profound insights for entrepreneurs looking to align their professional journey with personal and spiritual growth. Dr. Rao’s unique perspective offers valuable guidance for navigating the entrepreneurial path with a deeper sense of purpose and consciousness.


  • “You want to grow your business, you want to take care of your employees, you do it to the best extent you’re capable of. But in the process of doing that, what you’re really doing is you’re working on yourself. You want to be the best parent you can if you have children, but in the process of doing that, you’re really working on yourself. The only thing you ever do in life is you work on yourself.” (8:39 | Srikumar Rao)
  • “Give up the sense of doership. And as you give up the sense of doership and allow the universe to unfold, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what it can do in your life. That’s the message I have for entrepreneurs.” (26:33 | Srikumar Rao)
  • “Whatever is your path in life, which is going to give you your spiritual growth is going to come into your life. Recognize that and be patient.” (38:16 | Srikumar Rao)
  • “Ask yourself, is what happened necessarily a bad thing? And if not, is there anything I can do to make it good? This is how you move seamlessly from the realm of despair to the realm of possibility.”  (51:12 | Srikumar Rao) 


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