Gay Hendricks: Uncovering Your Zone of Genius

Super fans of “The Big Leap” will love this week’s episode – it’s the conversation with Gay Hendricks you’ve dreamed of having.  We are a lucky fly on the wall as our host, Alex Raymond, asks Gay Hendricks, the brilliant author behind “The Big Leap”, the questions you’ve probably had after reading the book.

Gay elaborates on key concepts, discussing how to navigate limiting beliefs, address the upper limit problem, and transition from working in your Zone of Excellence to your Zone of Genius. For enthusiasts seeking more, Gay also provides a glimpse into his exclusive, in-person half-day workshop that is coming up in November in Boulder.  It’s a hands-on experience to further tap into one’s unique potential, and tickets are available here.

Listeners can anticipate a blend of actionable tools and perspectives from Gay, crafted to foster both personal and business growth. He shares insights on mastering time, urging listeners to harness it proactively. Additionally, Gay sheds light on recognizing personal barriers, integrating spirituality into entrepreneurship, and shares his own grounding practices, like meditation, which anchor him in his genius.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Zone of Genius is about spending more time on the things you love and are uniquely talented at, rather than getting stuck in the zones of competence or excellence.
  • Upper limit problems, such as limiting beliefs and fears, can hold entrepreneurs back from reaching their full potential.
  • It’s important to cultivate emotional intelligence and be aware of how our emotions can impact our success and relationships.
  • The fear of outshining others or feeling burdened by success can hinder entrepreneurs from fully embracing their genius.
  • Time management is crucial for entrepreneurs, and adopting an Einstein time mindset can help shift from feeling like a victim of time to being the source of time.


  • “An upper limit problem is caused by limiting beliefs in ourselves, and one of the most common ones is that I have an old unconscious belief that I’m not worthwhile, that because of things that happened to me in my life, I don’t deserve the good things of life.” (03:20 | Gay Hendricks)
  • “Einstein time is based on a story that Einstein told. He was trying to explain the theory of relativity to some, I think they were high school students or junior high students, and he said, it works like this: an hour with your girlfriend or boyfriend goes by like a minute, and a minute sitting on a hot stove goes by like an hour. And I looked at that very carefully from a psychological point of view. And what that really means is if you’re resisting the experience you’re having, time slows down. In other words, if you’re sitting on a hot stove, you’re resisting that experience with every cell in your body is trying to get away from the here and now. And that makes time get very sludgy and sticky. However, when you’re with your beloved, all of the cells of your body are expanded toward union with the other person. And in that expanding flow state, time disappears.” (21:42 | Gay Hendricks) 
  • “In Einstein time, you don’t find time, you make time. You’re where time comes from. I’m where time comes from, so I can make up exactly enough time, plenty of time to do everything I love to do.” (23:47 | Gay Hendricks)
  • “From working with a whole bunch of executives over the years, we found that the happiest ones are the ones that make that transition out of the excellence zone and spend some time every day in their genius zone.” (26:47 | Gay Hendricks)
  • “A conscious entrepreneur is one who goes about the execution of his or her vision also with a complete openness to learning.” (45:16 | Gay Hendricks) 
  • “Your body is where your mind lives. It’s not the other way around.” (50:42 | Gay Hendricks)
  • “We need to get ourselves in harmony with our spirit, our body, and our minds in order to make best use of ourselves.” (51:03 | Gay Hendricks)


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