Finnian Kelly: How to Feel Extraordinary All the Time

Most people, explains today’s guest Finnian Kelly, pursue outcomes—like success in business or making a certain amount of money—in hopes of creating a resulting feeling. In fact, Finnian, a former wealth manager and now a leading intentionality coach, explains that through breathwork and by tapping into the Universal Intelligence to whom we all have access, that the feeling produces the outcome, and with much more ease. 

Drawing from his forthcoming book “Intentionality: A Groundbreaking Guide to Breath, Consciousness and Radical Self-Transformation,” Finnian offers powerful antidotes to the social conditioning we commonly experience, to help bring us closer to the things we truly want.  He’ll explain the five key principles of intentionality, as well as how to develop an expansive mindset. Learn why breath is the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious and why repetition is the key to re-coding that subconscious.

Too many people, particularly entrepreneurs, make the mistake of thinking that success has to be hard. Instead, Finnian offers an approach to tap into the unlimited energy that’s available to all of us once we remove the limiting beliefs and old stories holding us back.


  • “I thought that when I received all this I’d suddenly feel whole and happy and really fulfilled and peaceful, but instead the opposite happened. So, I had to go through the typical hero’s story of dismantling everything to discover what really matters to me.” (6:46 | Finnian Kelly)
  • “We are born with everything we need to build the life we’re searching for. And when I mention that, it really comes down to our breath, which is something we all have, and access to the Universal Mind which is this field of energy that all intelligence comes from. And I really want people to focus on this because a lot of people have a bit of a victim mindset, and it’s true, there is a lot of inequality in the world. But the one equalizer is that we all have access to these two things.” (9:29 | Finnian Kelly) 
  • “What is bad? It’s a story? There’s no such thing as bad or good. It’s all our perspective.” (15:34 | Finnian Kelly)
  • “Most people focus on the outcome, hoping it will give them a feeling, but if you have the feeling, it means you have to have the outcome. It just hasn’t materialized into the 3D, material realm yet.” (26:38 | Finnian Kelly) 
  • “Military organizations, sport organizations have been using this for a really long time but for some reason we don’t think it applies in the entrepreneurial world. We think, ‘No, business, it has to be hard work.’ And I’m telling you, there’s an easier way. Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do work. You still have to do the activity, but it’s coming from a different place. It’s an intuitive place.” (27:56 | Finnian Kelly)


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