Tami Simon: Spiritual Wisdom in Entrepreneurship

“Disseminate spiritual wisdom.” This is a message Tami Simon heard loud and clear when she was just 21 and unsure of what she wanted to do and how she wanted to invest the sum of money she had inherited from her father. It remains her life’s purpose and the driving mission at the heart of Sounds True, the multimedia publishing company she founded. Sounds True  focuses on promoting spirituality, psychology, health and healing. She joins the Conscious Entrepreneur podcast to discuss the importance of being true to yourself, following your intuition, and why putting love ahead of money most often leads to money anyway. She compares founding and running a business to being in a long term relationship and, having recently passed on the CEO baton, what it feels like to let go.

Just as important as being yourself is allowing others to be themselves. One of the key components of the Inner MBA, which Sounds True puts on with LinkedIn and the annual Wisdom 2.0 conference, is learning how to make space for people who have different views from your own, learning to communicate and collaborate in order to achieve the best outcome for all. Creating such a culture within a corporation inevitably impacts the world at large.

Though she’s prone to a metaphor and a poetic line, Tami is committed to telling the truth, as it is one of the core principles, she says, of a spiritual entrepreneur. Join today’s discussion to hear more of Tami’s insights and initiatives which were well ahead of their time, and now, more timely than ever. 


  • “For me it feels like a sacred contract, that’s one term that might shake people a bit. Or it feels like a promise that I made before I incarnated. It has that level of heft to it, in terms of how I experience it inside myself, as my purpose in life. And I’m very inspired by it. I continue to be inspired by it, it’s taken a lot of different forms over the years, and quite honestly it’s a little mysterious even to me.” (6:37 | Tami Simon)
  • “The interesting thing is, I tracked over time—every single love project ended up being financially successful. Every single one. And I think that part of it is if I loved it, it was for a reason. And maybe it hadn’t had the level of exposure yet, or whatever, but there was something very genuine there that was drawing me in.” (13:18 | Tami Simon) 
  • “Let die what needs to die so what can be born can be born.” (22:14 | Tami Simon)
  • “Be someone who says, ‘I take responsibility for the culture that we are creating together here. Here are my ideas. Be a vocal participant. And if we can invite and create organizations that encourage and welcome and inspire citizenship, we’ll find people acting like citizens in the world. And this is a connection that organizations can actually foster, the same kind of citizenship we want to see in our communities.” (38:49 | Tami Simon)
  • “If you don’t do it, people aren’t going to go to bat the next time. They’re not going to stand up and raise their hands if you just say, ’No, we’re going to make the economic decision, or what the professionals say.” (40:25 | Tami Simon)
  • “Spiritual integrity, as a person, is non-negotiable. It’s non-negotiable. How much money I make is negotiable.” (41:54 | Tami Simon) 


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