Tracy Lawrence: Transcending The Entrepreneurial Journey

“The real source of why I’m starting this company is actually deep love–deep love for myself, deep love and a desire for connection for anybody that struggles with loneliness,” said Tracy Lawrence of founding her company Chewse. The company, which provides group format catering for offices, was founded as a response to the social isolation and bullying she experienced as a kid in school. 

Throughout the next decade she would have subsequent encounters with loneliness which she met with rigorous introspection, honesty, and courage. Each time she emerged with an understanding that while she was fully empowered on her own, we are all interconnected and can—and must—rely on each other in order to thrive. 

Her journey brought her into the world of psychedelics and after selling Chewse, she began to practice psychedelic integration work and now does healing coaching in Honolulu. She explains modalities that listeners can engage in to promote their own healing, including Peter Levine’s alternative therapy known as somatic experiencing, as well as helpful teachings from Richard Schwartz and Joe Dispenza. 

On today’s episode of the Conscious Entrepreneur, Tracy takes us through her experiences with burnout, and shares what she learned from and about her team each time she chose to be honest and vulnerable with them instead of hiding her emotions. 


  • “I built a company that was group format-style catering because I wanted to make sure nobody ever ate alone.” (5:42 | Tracy Lawrence) 
  • “I thought ‘No, no, no.’ Leaders do not express fear. We are always in control and we are always powerful.’ No fear. We’re courageous.” (9:19 | Tracy Lawrence)
  • “And in the moment, I looked at the team, and I told them, I said, I love working with you. And genuinely, I would be so devastated if we didn’t raise this round, and we didn’t get a chance to work together. And there was not a dry eye in the room. And it was a huge moment for my personal leadership philosophy being developed.” (9:46 | Tracy Lawrence)
  • “In the psychedelic world, and in that journey, what happens is that all of the defense systems, all your layers, what you might call the protectors, they all stand down. You’ll see them start to stand down in layers, so that you can really see what your pure, highest self looks like looking out at the world.” (21:14 | Tracy Lawrence) 
  • “There is no spiritual practice like being deathly ill and coming to terms with the fact that you might not wake up the next day.” (36:58 | Tracy Lawrence)
  • “If the brain thinks, the heart knows.” (45:44 | Tracy Lawrence)


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